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“Possession of professional skills” is the fundamental key of AimCore Technology for creating corporate value and achieving cost reduction.

The technical team of AimCore Technology includes excellent teams for R&D, maintenance and service of production equipments. These teams strive to improve productivity so that the quality of our products can continue to beat other firms in the same trade.

Excellent Quality

“Pursuit of perfect quality” is the goal of AimCore Technology for ensuring sustainable operations.

Our quality assurance system requests all personnel to complete each operation strictly according to the guideline regulations in the quality manual. From stages of material handling, production process, product and sales, careful analyses and improvements are continuously performed via data and results obtained from internal and external audits, thus ensuring continuous improvement of work procedures to provide our customers with ever better service.

Satisfactory Service

The concept of “customer satisfaction” originates from AimCore Technology’s “listening” attitude.

It allows us to thoroughly understand customers’demands, actively integrate resources of relevant departments and provide complete solutions with “utmost effort” to solve customers’problems rapidly and satisfactorily. Furthermore, the professional skills, active and sincere service of AimCore Technology can help to expand many more opportunities for our customers.

Competitive Advantages

The glass developed and produced by AimCore Technology has the advantages of high visible light transmission, high uniformity, and high reliability. The dimensions can be customized per client's requirement (300x200mm~650x550mm). With the most advanced production mode: “Fully automatic production line”, the yield rate and quality of products are strictly controlled in order to provide products of excellent quality to our customers. In addition, AimCore Technology is capable of fast delivery together with providing customers with total solutions and relevant technical supports.

Since the entry barrier for coating technology of ITO substrate is high, only a select few manufacturers in Taiwan, Korea and Japan are capable of such technology; AimCore Technology in Taiwan is one of them. At present, we are also the main supplier of substrate used for touch panel; our market share has exceeded those of manufacturers from Korea and Japan.